Yes8sg is going to double the joy of their fans on Christmas Eve

Singapore’s leading online casino is rewarding its customers through their campaign

Singapore: In December 2019, yes8sg is going to gift the lucky customers on Christmas Eve 2019. However, this gift is provided to the qualified members who are going to join the giveaway campaign. The casinos are celebrating the event by giving away the Chelsea logo t-shirts to the lucky winners. On the other hand, yes8sg is the well trusted online casino among all the casinos available in Singapore. 

Moreover, the three key opinion leaders are joining the casino event as ambassadors of online casinos. The three KOLs that are joining the giveaway campaign arewenxian Huang, sabee, and Tzeqian. They are popular among all Instagram users. In the social networking sites all the information are posted by the three KOLs. Instagram is the main focus of the three KOLs for sharing the event videos.

This is because the three key opinion leaders are having a large number of followers to their Instagram accounts. Apart from Instagram, the event will also be broadcasted to many other channels. There are many things which are going to be held in the campaign. Some of the highlights of the Christmas giveaway campaign are-

  • The online casino distributes the Chelsea jersey to the lucky customers
  • Deposition of some money for attending the event
  • Each of the hosts is having their reference ID
  • The customers are having the chance to win the logo of Chelsea
  • Event information will be broadcasted to all the social channels
  • The three KOLs is sharing the information on their Instagram profiles

For enjoying the reliable services of the gambling or the card games, yes8sg is the best online casino Singapore. Hence, this is the reason that social media marketers and influencers are having trust in the event. The event will be going to be a grand success as there will be various popular faces. Sabee is the social media influencer who is also well known in the Instagram social media sites. Tze Qian is the artist, singer, and model who is having a good image in front of all her followers and Instagram users. Wenxiang Huang is the third Key opinion leader that is joining the event as a social media influencer. 

The three of them is having the best Instagram profiles with millions of followers. They are well known by Instagram users with usernames such as Tzeqian_c.c, wenxian1015, and sabee996. By having the beautiful faces in the event will going to glam up the beauty of the giveaway campaign. The best and the most essential highlight of the event is the distribution of the Chelsea jersey. Chelsea is the best famous football club among all the customers. However, this is the way through which both the partners are celebrating the years of their partnership. 

 Apart from this, it will also enhance the Christmas Eve. This is the best chance for the customers where they can get access to the Chelsea jersey. From the referrer, the lucky winners are going to get the football club logo jersey. The reference ID is given to the three KOLs so that they can be distinguished for giving away the rewards. This ID is given to the three Key opinion leaders for giving jerseys to the winners. Yes8sg is going to display the pictures of lucky winners on the official site. This is one of the unique chances that the customers can get access to the favorite football player. 

The yes8sg is coming up with this idea, with a view to appreciate their clients. The event will be going to be hosted in December 2019 on Christmas Eve. Yes8sg is boosting up the joy of the customers by conducting this event. The customers and the fans are having the chance to get the jersey of the football club officially. This is considered to be the most awaited moment for the customers and fans. On the other hand, the customers are engaging in the event that is giving it the full information of the club. 

About the yes8sg: yes8sg is the best online casino that is available in Singapore. They are offering the customers a large variety of gambling and card games. The casino is having a wide variety of card games that the players can play as per their interests and expectations. The online casino is also providing the customers with the services in all 24/7. This is the reason that the casino is headed on the top of online websites available.